Support Local

Prairie Chick Prints and Lasting Moments Co. are designing another planner that will again be produced in Alberta! Yay! It’s a 16 month planner that we will start selling this summer. We have Mountain View Printing in Calgary doing the bulk of the printing and assembly. We will be trying to get as many local companies involved in the planner as possible. Last year we had Sticker Beaver do our stickers and Engravables Design Studio manufacture our bookmark. We really want to showcase how it’s made in Alberta, by who and how it gets to the consumer. We also want to show case Alberta markets, retail stores, makers and companies alike.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! It's a huge undertaking to get this thing to print – if you're interested in helping make it happen support us with a listing or ad!

Deadline is March 15, 2019. Click on a link below to get started :)

I'm a Maker and want an ad in the planner!

I have a store that sells local makers goods and I want to list it!

I put on a local market and I want to list it!

I absolutely love what you are doing and want to be a Sponsor!


planner specs:

size: approximately 6.5” x 9”

estimated quantity: 250 copies sold across Alberta

estimated retail cost: $40-$45