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Be a Planner Contributor & Support Local

OPEN for 2024!!

Prairie Chick Prints is back at it again! I'm designing another planner that will again be produced in Alberta! Yay! It’s a 12 or 16 month planner that will start selling this fall 2024. Mountain View Printing in Calgary does the printing and assembly. I try to get as many local companies involved in the planner as possible. I really want to showcase how it’s made in Alberta, by who and how it gets to the consumer. I also want to show case Alberta markets, retail stores, makers, restaurants and small businesses alike.

I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! It's a huge undertaking to get this thing to print – if you're interested in helping make it happen support it with a listing, ad or sponsorship!

By popular request the deadline is extended until March 31, 2024. Click on a link below to get started :) It takes a second to load so please be patient.

I would like an ad in the planner!

I have a retail store and I want to list it!

I put on a local market and I want to list it!

I absolutely love what you are doing and want to be a Sponsor!


planner specs:

size: 6.5” x 9”

estimated quantity: 320 copies sold online and in retail locations across Alberta

estimated retail cost: $42 and $45